“In years to come this will be a classic for all local historians.”
MAR, Nottingham about St Ann’s  Nottingham: inner-city voices

1995 - 2013
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These have taken place in Nottingham. They are relevant for communities in many places

  • Elliott Durham and St Anns: the Comprehensive School on the hill in inner-city Nottingham. [1998]. This School opened in 1966 with pupils from three schools which were closing in the area, due to redevelopment. Like many comprehensive schools, Elliott Durham had no recorded history of the school before participative work on this book started.  

  • Radford Care Group, the story of over thirty years of an independent day care centre for elders in inner-city Radford: told by elders, staff and volunteers [2000].

  • St Ann’s Nottingham: inner-city voices by Ruth I Johns. Second Edition [2006]. A few First Edition [2002] copies still available. See Order Form. This is the history of an inner-city district over most of the 20th Century including the years in the mid 1960s/early 1970s when 340 acres were bulldozed and 30,000 people compulsorily uprooted. The Second Edition includes a foreword by Anne Power, Professor of Social Policy at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

  • Nottingham’s Family First 1965-2005: forty years’ practical work with local people overcoming difficulties by Ruth I Johns founder of Family First [Published by Family First Limited 2006. Distributed by Plowright Press. ISBN 0955094801]


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