“Thank you for this work which will be invaluable for the school and all associated with it. The book should be an inspiration for other comprehensive schools that haven’t yet recorded their history.”
Councillor ME, Nottingham

1995 - 2013
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Elliott Durham and St Anns: the Comprehensive School on the hill in inner-city St Anns [1998].

ISBN 9780951696026. £6.50

76 pp with many photos.

Edited by Ruth I Johns.

This School opened in 1966 with pupils from three schools which were closing in the area, due to redevelopment. Like many comprehensive schools, Elliott Durham had no recorded history of the school before participative work on this book started. In 2001, the Head Teacher, Rob Boothroyd said it had been important to the School that its history had been documented and he added: “I think we are getting better at recording things for the long-term.”

In November 2002, pupils from the School took part in the launch of  St Ann’s  Nottingham: inner-city voices and they presented Estelle Morris, former Secretary of State for Education, with a copy of the Elliott Durham Book when she visited the School in December 2002.

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