“The book will be used in schools in the area. It should help inter-generation work.”
PD, Nottingham

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Radford Care Group: Nottingham independant Day Centre for elders [2000]

ISBN 9780951696071. £6.50

112 pp.

Edited by Anne Bott.

The story of over thirty years of an independent day care centre for elders in inner-city Radford: told by elders, staff and volunteers . Photos and background information about Radford, where Player’s and Raleigh once dominated. The Radford Care Group was initiated to meet the needs of elders in Radford after much of the area was redeveloped and many young families left. Foreword by Alan Simpson MP, who says the book is a celebration of what can be done when people stand up and work for a society in which people matter because their humanity has no ‘sell-by date’.

Alan Simpson MP visiting the Radford Care Group on the day of its book launch.

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